Mushroom Paintings

During the quaratine I became infatuated with mushrooms. I’m not sure how or when it started. Our local farmer’s market now has a mushroom vendor and it makes me happy deep in my soul.

These guache paintings were done based on photographs I took in the woods or North Louisiana. Mushrooms are incredbily beautiful. I had to paint them as I learned about the different species.

The golden mushroom I never could determine the species. But the other two I found thanks to my Seek app.

The Golden Trumpets (Pinewood Gingertail) are edible. They are a beautiul golden color. I went a little abstract on this one. I really wanted to focus on the interactions of the colors. 

The Lilac Bonnet is also edible from what I understand. (Please don’t go out and eat wild mushrooms based on this. I am by no means an expert.)