I’m back after a long stint of working non-stop, moving clear across the country and mini-vacation, but that’s another story for another post.

Today I’m catching up on updating my portfolio with all the work I’ve done for the last 7 months. So lets talk about Blu Vamp wine for a little bit. What it is, where it came from and how I ended up doing a couple illustrations for it.

As most of you know (or rather all three of you who actually follow this blog. Hey Mom!) for the past two years I was living the great city of New York. As the story goes small town girl moved to big city to follow big dreams. There was a lot of searching on Craigslist for both in house and freelance jobs. Mostly small freelance jobs that where more headache then they where pay. Finally I got a break on Valentines day. I had applied for a full time illustrator position and was called in for an interview. During which I was told I would be an unpaid intern with potential to turn into a full time paying job.

This is how I found Poppington. Apparently my style of illustration seemed to be a good fit for one of Poppington’s many underling companies, Lady Vamp. If you are like I was then, you probably don’t keep up too much with Hip-Hop culture or any VH1 reality T.V. shows. Poppington is an umbrella company owned by the famed Damon Dash. Under it, at the time, included a¬†clothing line for Hip-Hop and Love’s star, Chrissy Lampkin. More then just the line we also produced a wine and lipstick for Lady Vamp.

Bringing us to the illustration above, one of my first jobs as an intern was to design a sell sheet and website banner for the Blu Vamp wine. The sell sheet they ended up using was the design above. Below is the second one I produced that was never used.

I don’t believe these are two of my best pieces, in fact I hate looking at them these days. But they are important, because they where the first two pieces I did as a real commercial illustrator/ designer. ¬†Blu_Vamp_Illus