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Hello there!!

Glad you could make it to the first official installation of my  webcomic. From this Wednesday forth I shall attempt to post a new comic every two weeks. This is kind of an experiment for me. I honestly would love to be able to spend about 20 more hours on this puppy. But I have reached my deadline and must move on. I hope you join me on this exploration of sequential narrative and image making.

Today I am sharing a true story. The 3 page comic above happened to me in college. I made a little extra cash on the weekends by face painting for Kid’s Day at The Levitt Shell. Specially this was the very first time I went. Today my face painting business has grown and I love every minute of it. I will be sharing more face painting stories in the future, because believe me, you CAN’T make some of this stuff up. I had just been writing these stories on my blog when tumblr user brettlg mentioned that they would make a great webcomic. Thanks for that, I enjoyed this and I will be doing more.

Have you ever seen Mulan? That scene where the Huns are coming down the hill? Or how about The Lion King, when Simba first sees the Wildebeest stampede?

Then I think you get it. I’ve tried very much to convey that feeling in the last four panels of this comic. I’d love to hear your feedback, thoughts, comments.