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These posters where done for a cat rescue house in Memphis, TN called House of Mews. The posters are supposed to be from the cats point of view of looking out the store front windows at all the people walking by would could possibly become his/her new family. I I may one day revisit this idea. Who knows. I’d like to do something with an animal shelter here in Brooklyn. Maybe some posters encouraging people to adopt? I was informed the other day by a woman at the vets office that black cats are among the highest population of euthanized animals each year simply because of superstition.

The old woman in the second poster is actually me. I posed and had my fellow illustrator buddy Aaron Radney take the picture through a window. I based how I would look on my Paw Paw and Grandmaw. I have to say it was really fun to turn myself into old cat lady me.

If you’d like to know more about House of Mews here is their website.