king_tutankhamun_2016 tiye_2016 I actually did these in March. I never posted them in this portfolio because I am a shameful artist, and I just plain forgot 😉 I’m really proud of these two, and surprisingly still am months later. I’m especially happy with King Tut. This was my first real attempt at trying to marry my two very different styles. I tend to draw meticulous line work in my hand drawn and traditional work, whereas in my digital there’s a lot of playing with layers in the way screen printing is done. I really want to find a way to find a cohesive style I can accomplish in both mediums. I truly love patterns and textures. I had obviously been reading a lot of Hellboy when I drew the first one. I was suddenly compelled to draw these two after reading this article. The whole thing was just fascinating to me. I was struck by the morbid beauty in the pictures of the mummies. The idea that there is show much more about these people we have yet discover, and things we will never know. I wanted to portray their dark beauty and their mysteriousness. These pieces weren’t for any project in particular. They were just for me. I did try very hard not to just copy the original photos. Which can be seen here and here. I wanted to bring my own mood to them.