This is a birthday present commission from last month. I love doing pets. It’s so much fun to draw animals. I mean look at those eyes. How could you say no to those eyes?

This was a pretty simple and straightforward illustration. The client wanted a reproduction of a photograph in this particular style. So I didn’t get to have as much creative concept freedom with this one. I did enjoy drawing it. It’s funny, because this isn’t really the style I ever thought I’d be known for. I started out avoiding a pen tablet like the plague. I was that artist in college who refused to learn digital medium to a ridiculous stubborn point. Now it’s the style most of my clients request. It’s even kind of found it’s way into my painting. I reckon it has something to do with my beginnings in screen printing and face painting. There really isn’t a lot of blending in either of those mediums.

If you’re interested in pet portraits I will gladly paint or illustrate your beloved furry/ scaly or even slimey baby.