A few months ago I started doing paintings for the Myrtles Plantation gift shop. It was a lot of fun sitting there, surrounded by crepe myrtles and chatty tourists.  The atmosphere is so peaceful and the people are so pleasant. Finished paintings are up and available for purchase in the gift shop and here on my website. I had a lot of fun experimenting with acrylics. It had been a long time since I had painted with them. I will continue to do paintings for The Myrtles as long as they let me.  I also did some hand painted magnets which I will talk about in next week’s post.

Now that the cold months have arrived I won’t be able to paint outdoors as much. I still have plenty to do though! I started working on some ink drawings of my favorite Myrtles subjects. I turned these designs into post cards. They are black and white with grey backing. For now only the bridge design is for purchase. Eventually maybe I can get the other two up. For now I have a ton of work to do on other projects, so they will have to wait.