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Mural Commission for the lovely and talented Americkah Jazz. This is the back wall of her music studio. She said she needed someone to listen to her while she was recording. So here is her recording buddy! Originally it was going to be a mermaid playing a keyboard. This design fit better for jazz a music studio. The inspiration for the smoke pattern came from an abstract painting Americkah showed me. The concept of the woman was partially inspired by an episode of Next Gen in which Commander Riker sets the Holodeck to a New Orleans Bourbon street jazz club. A woman in a red dress was sitting at the bar waiting for him. Americkah posed for the woman and I based most of the anatomy off of her pose.

I might do the mermaid mural in my own studio (replacing the keyboard of coarse). It will be just the imagery I need to get me motivated to curl up in my warm studio through the winter and work on some graphic novel ideas.

Well my friends after a long day of painting I am going to wrap a blanket around me on the couch, eat a chocolate bar and watch some more Next Gen!


PS: I think that is one of the best hands I’ve ever painted. Which isn’t saying much. But it means I’m improving on some of my anatomy!