If you haven’t read the Summer Soulstice post, read it before you read this one.

Album Cover Front_Finished

Album Cover Back_finished

Fast forward to 2015. I find myself again in Louisiana, having left the fast paced life of New York and all that my life entailed there. I was excited to hear from Apollo Main once again. He was working on the follow up album to Summer Soulstice, Summer Soulstice 2: Cosmic Beach. He described to me a couple on the beach. I knew exactly what I wanted to draw. The Sun Goddess in love. Now that the whole project is finished and come together, I think the imagery matches the tone of the album pretty good. Franky seemed pleased with it, which in the end of all freelance endeavors, is the real goal. If you like the work in the end yourself it’s a bonus, I feel like.

Front_Linework Back_Linework

I got a little more in depth on this one. It was so worth it too. Projects like this are so rare. I got to draw exactly what I wanted, for an album I knew I was going to rock to in the kitchen. I can’t wait to see what else Apollo Main is going to come out with.